Pinto mi Raya

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(Mexico City, 1989-present) (“I draw my line”) is a multidisciplinary art-archival project founded by Mexico City-based artists Mónica Mayer and Victor Lerma that emphasizes collaboration and non-traditional art forms. Their installations, performances, and workshops invite participation from different voices and perspectives, challenging the rigidity of the art system. Their archive of ephemera maintains an important, if undertold, history of contemporary art in Mexico. Pinto mi Raya began as an artist-run gallery in 1989, at a time when both galleries and museums were particularly closed to non-traditional forms of art. It became a digital art editorial project in the early 1990s, producing portfolios like Mimesis, Aquerotipo, and EMPA. From its inception, it has also served as a platform from which Mayer and Lerma produce performances that deal with different aspects of the art system, such as the relationship between curators and critics with artists, or the need to document and archive ephemeral contemporary art. At points in its life Pinto mi Raya has also transformed into radio and television programs, and now serves as a home for an array of workshops and educational projects on performance art, feminist art, and activism. In addition to their own documents and collection of catalogues about and invitations to participate in exhibitions of Mexican art, Mayer and Lerma have, since 1991, collected the art criticism, reviews, and news of others published in major local newspapers. The archive now totals approximately 300,000 documents. In 2011, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, Mayer and Lerma put together Archivo Activo, a compilation of nearly 11,000 articles divided into themes such as women artists, performance art, political art, architecture, installation, artist-run spaces, art and education, and digital art. This comprehensive project was donated to several Mexican universities and museums; along with the donation Mayer and Lerma have been giving workshops and lectures on art and archive, and archive and gender.

tags: collaboration, installation, performance, workshop, archive, ephemera, activism,  architecture, installation, digital art