La Panadería


An independent non-profit contemporary art exhibition space founded in 1994 (closed in 2002) by artists Yoshua Okón and Miguel Calderón. Established in an old bakery, this project arose like a critical and constructive answer to a local cultural infrastructure that is market-oriented and extremely nationalistic, and that had failed to provide an adequate space for the non-orthodox artistic practices as well as promoting cultural exchange with other countries. Since the beginning, La Panadería has focused mainly on two fundamental issues: to provide a space for exhibition and dialogue for the local community and to serve as a bridge of contact with the international contemporary culture. La Panadería has participated in the international context through its continuous programs of curatorial exchange with artists and curators from Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the United States.  It represented a singular role in the artistic creation of Mexico in the late nineties by hosting and promoting expressions traditionally relegated from institutional circuits.

Tags: Yoshua OkónMiguel Calderón, cultural center