(Mexico City) is an art critic, curator, and visual artist based in Mexico City. Since 1981, he has curated hundreds of exhibitions for private and public institutions in Mexico and internationally. He has been director of several important cultural institutions, including Ex Teresa Arte Actual and the Museo Experimental El Eco. Santamarina was the first Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2008 – 2010), Mexico’s largest public collection of contemporary art. He is a founder and member of the advisory committee of the Simposio Internacional sobre Teoría de Arte Contemporáneo (SITAC). Santamarina has worked as a lecturer and curator in various universities and cultural institutions in Mexico, and is currently a professor of theory of art at the Escuela Nacional de Arte Plasticas (National School of Visual Arts) at UNAM, Mexico City. He is a writer of art criticism and his texts have been published in various exhibition catalogues. As an artist, his work has been included in numerous exhibitions since 1979. 

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