Club Hípico

Hipico 2 copy.jpg

(Mountain Equestrian Club, later known as Club Hípico), located on the outskirts of Mexico City, was a four-day event (July 18–21, 1991) in which artist Eduardo Abaroa and nine other artists — Abraham Cruzvillegas, Thomas Glassford, Diego Gutierrez, Daniel Guzmán, Gabriel Kuri, Damián Ortega, Gabriela Sosa, Sofía Táboas, and Pablo Vargas Lugo —  created collaborative video art. Various topical conversations among the artists are recorded in various ways; the performance is not one in the theatrical sense, but rather a living of and bringing of life to the event. Part of the long history of merging the daily life, particularly social interactions, with the making of art, especially in Mexican art, Club Hípico serves as a counterpoint to relational aesthetics’ clear demarcation of the roles of artists and participants.

tags: performance, social, video