(Mexico City, 1996-present) is a collective of DJs and artists formed by Dj Breeskin (Vicente Razo), Dj Luxxx (Luis Figueroa), and Dj Magick (Jorge Borja). Their interactive music performances and musical installations feature live mixing of vintage Mexican records, visual projections (including Super 8, 35mm slides, and videos), kitsch ephemera, clip art poster aesthetics derived from Mexican popular culture, and special light effects. This ongoing project, which works on rescuing and archiving bizarre and esoteric music, includes over 3000 vinyl albums, from obscure covers of songs by legends such as “the king of the mambo” Pérez Prado to one-off experiments by failed record labels. Loaded with a heavy arsenal of Go-Go Mambos, Disco Boogaloos, Latin Lounge and unthinkable covers in Spanish, Sonido Apokalitzin has been playing regularly in the underground night clubs of Mexico City, such as the forgotten La Perla, influencing a vital and active scene of boogaloo, garage, funk, and psychedelic music made in Mexico. They have played with such popular bands as Molotov, Celso Piña, Control Machete, Los Caifanes, and Silverio, at venues including the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Cinerama, Rotterdam; Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, and Fundación Jumex in Mexico City; as well as in New York, Portugal, San Francisco, and Spain. DJing and curating provide Sonido Apokalitzin a means to both archive Mexican musical genres and give them new audiences. Besides the founders, the collective collaborates with Fico Arreola, Adrian "Ruster" Gutiérrez, Carlos Y. Jacques, Eduardo Madrigal, and Andrés Mendoza.

Tags: ephemeraEx Teresa Arte Actual, collective, installation, curator, archive