(b. 1967, Mexico City) is a Northern Ireland-based artist who studied painting at Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado, known as "La Esmeralda," and received her MFA at the School of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ulster. She has presented her work across North America and Europe. She was a member of the performance group Black Market International, and has carried out and organized a variety of performances and performance festivals. Since 1991, her performance art practice follows personal research on humanistic issues by means of many forms of action art (chamber performance, public interventions, processes, urban actions, and in-situ installations). For Santamaría, action art is an existential practice of self-knowledge and humanistic engagement. Its poetics postulate self-creation through symbolic acts. She has shown her artwork in festivals, art spaces, galleries, museums, theatres, and public spaces in Mexico, Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, including Labour in London, Dublin and Derry/London Derry (2012); National Review of Live Art Glasgow (2000, 2005, 2007, and 2011); Mercosul Biennale, Mercosul, Brazil (2005); Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF), Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagano, and Nagoya (2002); Germany performance art tour: Cologne, Essen, Dormunt, and Bon organized by ASA European (1997); and the 2nd Festival del Performance, Ex Teresa Arte Actual (1993).

 Tags: performance, performance artist, urban intervention, Mexico City