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(Monterrey, 1997-present day) is an art and music collective founded by a group of housemates in Mexico City whose name was originally reserved for a stray dog the members took in. Reveling in the strange and the fringe, Los Lichis’ work across performance, music, and video art represent their stream-of-conscious, irreverent activities. They explore diverse themes such as creative liberty and satire, horror and gore, authorship and anonymity, and the difficult internal relations of the group. Los Lichis works primarily through musical free improvisation as a four-piece band. In 2000 they exhibited their work in the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) in Paris where they met composer Jean Baptiste Favory, with whom they transmitted a live concert through Radio Libertaire FM and began a long-lasting collaboration. At the turn of the century, Los Lichis’ participation in the contemporary art movement lessened, as they focused on experimental musical explorations centered on the city of Monterrey, where they worked with Gildardo González, Alfonso Gutiérrez, and other musicians. Since the end of the 1990s until 2008, they constantly edited their homemade recordings on CDR or cassette, in an artisanal manner and in very limited editions that were characterized by total improvisation. They moved away from the structures that influenced them previously, such as psychedelic rock, noise-punk, folk extraño, and electronic sounds. On occasion they used alternate names such as Cacaflies, Chico Jones & Chucho James or Chavilocos, and The Butchers Filarmónika, depending on the members involved. In 2013 they independently published their double album 2XLP, which was presentated at Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico. In 2014 they developed a video musical entitled Dísonos Rengos during a residency at Casa Vecina in the Historic Center of Mexico City. In 2016 the carried out the project La memoria es un elefante, in collaboration with composers Mario Mendoza and Mónica Menchaca, in order to transcribe sheet music from Los Lichis recordings, and to be interpreted with different instrumentalists. That same year they re-edited the double LP, now with the title Dog and under the American record label Feeding Tube Records, and later they released the cassette Cheap Funeral Music with the label Loki Label from Ohio. In 2017 they presented La Catástrofe inevitable (The inevitable Catastrophe), an exhibition of their individual work and a live show, with the participation of drummer Carlos Icaza. Los Lichis was a composed of Manuel Mathar, Gerardo Monsiváis, and José Luis Rojas.

Tags: Monterrey, collective, collaboration, improvisationMuseo Universitario del Chopo