(Guadalajara, 1998-2000) was a project which in its short history carried out four site-specific works exploring the “physical, geographical or phenomenological aspects where a series of events have occurred that determine the place.” The group’s first two projects, Domestíca and Incidental, both enacted in 1998, presented works responding to their respective architectural environments. Domestíca utilized an abandoned home, reinterpreting and reviving common household objects and actions. As part of Guadalajara’s seventh annual ExpoArte art fair, the group centered the Incidental project on the rooftop of Condominio Guadalajara, the city’s first skyscraper. Pieces were woven into the fabric of the everyday, and required a particular attentiveness to one’s surroundings and an inquiry into daily flows of actions and happenings. The group’s exhibitions existed outside the museum, as they opted to interact with the urban environment claiming sites for production and display solely in Mexico. They attempted to exhibit in Venezuela, however their proposed project to ship a stray dog from Guadalajara to Caracas was promptly rejected by the Alejandro Otero Museum. Grupo Incidental disbanded shortly thereafter. Grupo Incidental members included Juan Carlos “Cheneque” Pérez, Hugo Cervantes, José Dávila, Javier Dueñas, José Antonio “Foit” Ramírez, Francisco Ugarte, Gonzalo Lebrija, and Diego Quiñones.

Tags: collective, collaboration, action, urban intervention, architecture, Guadalajara